The weekend of 13th and 14th February 2016 saw the completion of the long running repair work on the entrance shaft of Titan. All the rigging and repair gear has now been removed and the shaft is clear.

There are a few comments I would make:

The arrangement for the lid has now altered as there is no inner lid. This was removed and will not be replaced.

The surface lid is still the same but it has a temporary lock installed on it. We are in the process of re designing and fabricating this which will be fitted in due course. This will incorporate a lock at the surface.

The requirements for access to Titan still remain the same as do with any potential exits out of other entrances.

The GF former used in the casting of the concrete is currently stored in the shaft, it is safely stowed away but I would ask no one to interfere with this. At a later stage when the weather improves we intend to remove the cap and extract these sections from site.

I will be taking bookings for dates from 13th March 2016 onwards.

I would personally like to thank all the people who have given up their time and put in a great deal of effort over the past 18 months to get this job done safely. This will now mean that cavers in the future can continue to enjoy access into this part of the Peak Speedwell system.

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