Suspect Bolts in J.H. (Report from DCA Equipment Officer)

Following the identification and extraction of one duff P-bolt, please avoid using anchors at the head of the usual route down Leviathan. A second bolt in this area also failed its test but could not be extracted and this has been marked with
red cable-ties.

Following a report of a suspect bolt in J.H. earlier this year, a programme of testing all the original anchor installations has been taking place, thanks to Henry Rockliffe and friends. Most of the anchors in JH were originally placed in 1994-5, using Hilti resin (which has now been superseded for anchor installation), and before the current installation system and adoption of DCA’s IPTD (Installation Procedure, Training and Documentation). Even so the original bolts have lasted for over 20 years. A total reassessment is now taking place of all anchors installed in J.H. and, once this if finished and any necessary replacement anchors have been installed, a new topo. will be published on the DCA website.


News Flash

Speedwell Bung Ladder

The Bung Ladder in Speedwell MIne was found to be damaged so due to the the Bung Ladder has been removed but it will return once fixed. Four anchors have been installed that cavers can use. Cavers heading down the Bung can rig an abseil rope but trips 'up-hill' will not be able to climb the Bung. A fixed line may appear here but Derbyshire Caving Association (DCA) reminds cavers that ropes fixed to any DCA anchor are NOT the responsibility of the DCA and their use is at your own risk.