The new Peak Speedwell Survey is now published.

Following the death of John S Beck in 2015, i took on the task of re-working the survey. John had used AutoCAD to draw the survey that was published in 2012, which originally i tried using to update the survey but this was pretty limiting and once my laptop died, i had to purchase a more modern laptop, this meant that my version of AutoCAD stopped working so a new software package was required.

Therion Cave Surveying Software ( was the obvious software to use but a steep learning curve was required to learn how to use it but was certainly worthwhile in the end. Alastair Gott persuaded me to use the Cave Registry Data Archive for storing the data so it wouldn't be lost then he also got involved working on the model.

The survey has been drawn by: Wayne Sheldon and Alastair Gott. Copyright © 2024 Technical Speleological Group

After nearly ten years, the survey can be found below:

Peak Speedwell System

The survey is published in memory of the Late John S Beck.

The following people have undertaken surveys in the system over many decades:

Tim Allen, Steven Ancliffe, Dave Arveschoug, Nigel Ball, John S Beck, Allan Brentnall, Luke Brock, Simon Brooks, Mark Brown, David Botcherby, Luke Cafferty, John N Cordingley, Charley Cooley, John C Cooper, Paul Deakin, Katie Eavis, Robert Eavis, Alastair Gott, Adrian Gregory, John Gunn, Brian Hague, Olly Hall, John D Harrison, Tim Horne, Terry Jackson, Keith Joule (nee Bottoms), Anthony Marsden, Louise McMahon, Mark McAuley, John Middlemiss, Ted Mullins, Dave A Nixon, Mark Noble, Pete O'Neill, Shaun L Puckering, John Randles, Alex Ried, Glyn Roberts, Roy Rodgers, Henry Rockcliffe, Luke Rowe, Matt Ryan, Angus Sawyer, Richard Shaw, Wayne Sheldon, Dave Shearsmith, Robbie Shone, Guy Smith, Sam Stringer, Ann Soulsby, Joze Taylor, Laurence Thistlewood, Jeff Wade, Tim Webber, Clive Westlake, Bill Whitehouse, Edd Williats, Phil Wolstenholme.

The survey will be available for sale in due course and details will be updated to this website.



News Flash

EA Peakshole Water level Logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castleton

The Environment Agency have installed EA water depth logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castelton. This is now live at: . The water depth is updated every 15 minutes and the datum is the crest of the weir that was installed in 1984/5 by TSG and a group from Manchester Poly. The metre ruler on the left bank of the river when looking downstream from the bridge has the same datum so the levels on the web should be the same as the levels on the ruler.. The outputs contributing to the total flow are Peak Cavern, Slop Moll, Peakshole Sough and Russet Well.

Read more: EA Peakshole Water level Logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castleton